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Chanukah Gelt

Chanukah Gelt

Over One Thousand Five Hundreds Chanukah Packages are distributed across the UK to Hospitals & Care Homes. Each Package cost around £15. We have many types, from children Hanukah packs to special diet ones for the elderly  Each pack gets a Electric or a Regular Menurah, A Dreidel  & Chanukah Money made out of chocolate plus much more to celebrate the festival of lights with the maximum even when bed-bound, you should not feel different and you will be able to be part of the Mitzvah.

This years chanukah project cost already estimated £10,000+.
In the merit of Chanukah, the Yom Tov of lights may we all continue to light up the hearts of each and everyone.

Wishing You a Happy Chanukah


A non-profit Organisation providing support to

the sick, disabled and their families​ within the community 


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