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​News: We need Volunteers from outer London Jewish Community, So We can start to gear up to provide our services to the needy across 



with you every step of the way

Understanding the Children in Hospitals, Caring for the Elderly, With all its Jewish needs at a time when life is difficult, Yad Ezra UK, A Helping Hand, go daily to the hospitals and Care homes, especially on religious festivals to make sure they are given the opportunity to be part of the festival, even when bed-bound.

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Review of  2016

Greater London Regional Co-ordinator Efrayim goldstein, Writes an open Letter, Efrayim as well carried the Olympic Flame  at the London Olympic Games. 


Yad Ezra 2016 Review

Dear Friends.
As we are approaching the New Years Holiday season, and we look ahead for great start for 2017 we pause a minute and take the time to look back at the year 2016 and reflect upon the challenges and successes we accomplished over the last 12 long month.

Given the fact Yad Ezra volunteers stepped up this year with a wide spread of different and new activities for the those under the hospital shadows up and down the country, this has proven to be a major positive outcome. Whereby in result our volunteers were struck by the emotional sparks and chills greeting them in hospitals or at privet homes visiting the sick.

And of course lets not forget the inspiring moments when the tears of little Moishele at the great Ormond Street Hospital swept down and cried out loud to a group of Yad Ezra volunteers who we're cheering him "I will never forget what your orgenisation dose for me and my family"

Bringing true smiles.
There is nothing worth more than a bright shining smile, and that's exactly what our volunteers seem to be doing very well. By doing it's visiting throughout the year in many different situations. Some may have been experiencing sever medical illnesses which requires hour on end in order to bring happiness and smiles on their faces. However, on most occasions it's the young little kid waiting to welcome our volunteers as he begs to see himself smiling, it's just the Yad Ezra Cheer-up squad which are here to give him what to smile for. Cheering up our patience in a whole range of different methods. In order to make our patience feel as happy as never before.

It's not only the cheer-up squad which patience require. Fair enough to say its also the services we provide for jewish patience up and down the country. Ranging from Kosher Food to medical advise, Dr consults, hospital contacts, and the list continues. The fact when patience and their family's are experiencing difficult situations at times when a loved one is away in hospital it's the Yad Ezra office they contact whereby one of our dedicated staff officers are there ready to assist you in all your needs.

2015 has been a year full of sacrifices for our volunteers and staff officers. Handling a record number of hospital patience and privet home patience. Each case making sure it's dealt with effectively and successfully which is why we are proud of our 100% success rate

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A non-profit Organisation providing support to

the sick, disabled and their families​ within the community 


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