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Chanuka Party

Chanuka Party

Over One Thousand Five Hundreds Chanukah Packages are distributed across the UK to Hospitals & Care Homes. Each Package cost around £15. We have many types, from children Hanukah packs to special diet ones for the elderly  Each pack gets a Electric or a Regular Menurah, A Dreidel  & Chanukah Money made out of chocolate plus much more to celebrate the festival of lights with the maximum even when bed-bound, you should not feel different and you will be able to be part of the Mitzvah.

This years chanukah project cost already estimated £10,000+.
In the merit of Chanukah, the Yom Tov of lights may we all continue to light up the hearts of each and everyone.

Wishing You a Happy Chanukah
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    Chanuka Party for 50 Elderly Care Residents. Chanukah 2011 we went to 33 Care Homes, We Celebrated with Chanukah Party's across the country. Making the Elderly in care be part of the Mitzvah's Chanukah


A non-profit Organisation providing support to

the sick, disabled and their families​ within the community 


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